About ADAD
ADAD - A Deed A Day, is a vision founded to increase the goodness in the world, encourage people to do more deeds which benefit the world and help make it a better place.

There is a lot of chaos in the world - politics, crime, cheating, deceit etc., amidst all this the good work of good people goes under-recognized. ADAD provides a platform to all to connect to that individual in their friends which is all positive, philanthropist and bent on making a positive contribution to the world.

A Deed A Day. The name speaks for itself. The deed here refers to an act of ours which cannot be repaid in cash or kind and is an action that contributes to make a positive difference to the world. From an action as small as a helping hand to a blind man to help him cross a road to lending a helping hand to help someone live a better life - all come under a deed.

Majority of them do good, but do not seek recognition owing to their greatness, but majority of them feel encouraged to do more of what good they have done, when recognized.

This platform allows you to social network online with all your friends, family and colleagues, even know new people, interact and experience a virtual platform of connecting to millions around the world.

The next obvious question stands vivid: How is this different from any other social networking website or online platform? ADAD answers you with a crystal clear answer with few of its unique standing features:

  • It is focused on extracting and sharing positive deeds of each other on the highest priority.
  • More than online platform, ADADians can take pride in connecting offline.
  • ADAD focuses on increasing the positive impact by everyone on the globe. It's first ever of its kind, where one gets to spend hours and go back refreshed with ideas, thoughts of making a greater difference and more energized.
  • ADAD also boasts about counting your deeds for you, which you share with ADAD. You might forget, owing to your greatness, hence ADAD counts for you.
  • In this world where negativity and loneliness are taking a toll, looking back at a positive record of events in your past in your life can be extremely strengthening, motivating, encouraging and energizing.

ADAD has a vision to create a ripple of positive deeds around the world. This generation has it in them to lay down a positive future for the rising world of tomorrow. Greatest Doers are sitting inside all who wish to execute millions of deeds to impact the world. It all starts with ADAD. A Deed A Day...

ADAD believes people work in groups and peer pressure is a reason at many an occasion for mass to flow with the mass. Why not use the same pressure to cast an impact in a desired direction.

ADAD is a platform extremely user-friendly, an experience you will never forget. We are in continuous effort to help your days have more deeds. Our vision is to see a time where due to the contribution of all, every action can have an element of DEED in it. We are open to learn from you.


Deed: A deed refers to an act of ours, small or big, which cannot be repaid in cash or kind and is an action that contributes to make a positive difference to the world.

Deeder: Any user of ADAD is a Deeder. The user is also, an ADADian.

Pledge: A simple act that you pledge to complete within 24 hours of pledging on our website. You can choose from our list of pledges or add your own. Once you fulfill a pledge, you can visit the "Pledges" tab and click on "Done" below the pledge you had taken. Once you click on "Done", this gets shared as your "Fulfilled Pledge".

To-Do List: A list of deeds that you have committed to fulfill within your target date (not exceeding 14 days from the date of adding to your list). Once you fulfill your commitment, you can visit the "To-Do List" tab and click on "Done" below the deed you had committed to fulfill along with a small description of your own. Once you share this, it will be shared as an "Inspired Deed".

Profile: Every Deeder has a profile that is public - including his name, location, picture and his deeds and pledges.

Deedline: All the posts that appear in the Home" tab of your account form your deedline.

Follow: Your can follow any Deeder on ADAD by clicking on the follow button next to their name in their profile. All the deeds of the people you follow appear on your Deedline.

Unfollow: You can wish to unfollow any deeder that you were previously following at any point of time and continue to follow them again at any point of time.

Following: This is a list of people you are following on ADAD.

Follower: Any deeder, who wishes to receive your deeds on his deedline becomes your Follower.

Star: - There is a star button below each deed. When you click it, you encourage the Deeder by indicating that you like his deed. Stars below the deeds you have 'star'ed, appear like this -

Comment: By writing a comment you can share your views about the deed. We request you to only post positive comments, as ADAD has been founded to encourage all deeds.

Add to my To-Do: Any deed shared by a deeder could be added to your To-Do list by clicking on the "Add to my To-Do" button below the deed. Once you click the button, you will see a calendar from where you can choose your target date for completion of this deed (which cannot exceed 14 days from the current date).

Points: You receive points based on deeds, pledges, commitments fulfilled and people invited to ADAD.

  • Deeds: You gain 10 points for every deed shared.
  • Pledges: You gain 1 point for every pledge fulfilled (and clicked "Done" before 24 hours).
  • Commitments Fulfilled: You gain 15 points for every commitment fulfilled and shared within target date.
  • Invitations: If you invite your friends (by entering their email IDs on your Home page), we send them a mail with your invite. Once they happen to sign up on ADAD by clicking on the link that we have mailed them, you gain 5 points.

Milestones: You achieve milestones based on the number of deeds shared.

  • - You achieve a white stone once you complete a milestone of 100 deeds.
  • - You achieve a grey stone once you complete a milestone of 300 deeds.
  • - You achieve a blue stone once you complete a milestone of 600 deeds.
  • - You achieve a black stone once you complete a milestone of 1000 deeds.